Radiation monitoring instruments for the homeland security & military industry - Manufacturing, Other

Technical Associates provides some of the best radiation detection and measurement equipment for Homeland Security. The TBM-3SR, or the Digital Version TBM-3SR-D, is cited by experts for use on every Fire Truck in the United States. The DSI-2 measures background radiation detecting any elevation in radiation. The DSI-2NT Series detects both fast and slow neutrons and model DSI-2GN detects and measures Gammas and Neutrons (Fissile Material).


Technical Associates’ provides exit and entrance monitors with optional camera features, the LAM-10/PGS-3. This instrument will alert security to the passing of radioactivity through a doorway, garage, gateway, etc... The LAM-10/PGS-3 is perfect for security of University, Government building, Laboratory, Hospital, and anywhere else the movement of radiation in or out of the building must be monitored.

Technical Associates offers many other types of area, vehicle, and security monitors for protection against illegal transport and mishandling of radioactive material.

Technical Associates also offers the RAD-CANSCAN, an Isotope Identifier used for scanning Trucks, Shipping Containers, Vehicles, and any other type of transport vehicles.


First Responders
Equipment for Fire Fighters, Paramedics, Hazmat Teams, Police, U.S. Coast Guard, and any other Emergency Response teams.

Radiation Security
Equipment for Hospitals, Government Buildings, Airports, U.S. Mail and package handling services, Universities, U.S. Customs Officials, U.S. Coast Guard, Border Patrol, Radio-Pharmaceutical, Laboratory, and all other establishments that want to monitor the movement or presence of any radioactivity.

Reservoir and Drinking Water Security
Equipment for the security of drinking water sources, offering constant monitoring for radioactive material presence in the water source.

Chemical & Biological Security
Equipment for the security of air and water sources, offering constant sampling for Chemical and Biological hazards.