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Real-time Control System for Wastewater Treatment Plants - Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment

Wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) are subject to large variation in flow and load, not to speak of uncertainties on the composition of the incoming wastewater. On top of that, the activated sludge treatment process, as used by the vast majority of treatment plants, is difficult to control due to the complex behaviour of the biological process. Nevertheless WWTPs are run 24/7, with operators and management challenged to meet ever tightening environmental regulations.

In order to meet the operational demands of modern-day plants, a new control system was developed. Proprietary control algorithms were introduced based on a large set of data from nutrient measurements in various WWTPs. The customer`s benefits are twofold: (1) achieving optimum effuent quality and, at th same time, (2) lowering energy needs and dosing of commidity chemicals.

Advantages of implementing the control system:

  • Better effluent compliance
  • Savings on power consumption; typically 2 - 10%
  • Accurate real-time data on nutrients by on-line analyzers
  • Transparent control algorithms with room for adjustments
  • Standard 1 year of remote follow-up of trendings


  • Control cabin with PLC, GPRS communication 
  • Operator panel
  • Radio transmission of analyzer data
  • Analyzer package (leasing possible)


  • PLC program with control algorithm for aeration
  • Operator screen for input process parameters  
  • Visualization both on-site and remote


  • Complete installation and testing of hardware/software
  • 1 day training on site control strategy
  • 1 year remote follow-up and first 8 hours remote process assistance
  • 1 day training on-site on analyzers 
  • 1 year maintenance program on analyzers