VBact Ltd.

Real-time solutions for microbial industrial automation and monitoring applications - Monitoring and Testing

VBact platform technology offers higher operational flexibility, better monitoring and validation which results in prevention of losses and improved yields.

VBact 'Direct Imaging' technology is applicable for:

  • Various microorganisms
  • Various liquids - water, beer, milk, juices, fuels etc.
  • Micro-particles analysis

VBact has developed a new technological sphere, based on unique Direct Imaging technology.

Its main platform - the “Liquid ‎Scanner” is designed for real-time, automated, continuous detection of bacteria, cells and micro-particles. The Scanner is applicable for various liquids, such as: water, beer, milk and more.

VBact novel approach is free from labeling, reagents or any culture method. The revolutionary ‎solutions are based on integrated innovations in optics, image processing, AI and liquid management.‎

  • Real-time 'Microbial Industrial Automation' is now possible
  • Automated, continuous, in-line operation - up to 24/7
  • Real Total Count™ – visualizes and detects ALL bacteria at single bacteria cell resolution and analysis
  • Detects even small amount of bacteria within minutes
  • Non-destructive method - cells remain intact
  • And, much more benefits…