Recycling Equipment for Construction & Demolition Waste - Construction & Construction Materials

Optimizing output in terms of economic value against the lowest possible costs per tonne. This is the short-term goal for every installation that Bollegraaf provides. The long-term goal is to ensure permanently low operating costs and achieve an optimal return on investment.

Increasing tax rates for landfills and growing environmental awareness make recycling C&D waste a viable business opportunity. Bollegraaf provides effective solutions for this market. We tailor our solutions to your requirements by looking at factors such as local fees, labor costs, rules and regulations, and sales opportunities for your output.

With an annual production of 1 billion tonnes of Construction and Demolition waste C&D is one of the largest waste streams in the EU. Increasing tax rates for landfills and a growing environmental awareness make recycling C&D waste a solid business opportunity. We provide effective solutions for recycling C&D waste. We engineer our C&D solutions tailored to your requirements, such as your local fees, labour costs, rules and regulations and sales opportunities of your output. Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions is one of the most experienced suppliers in the world. We have an installed base of more than 300 C&D recycling solutions worldwide.

We know there is no single specification for the composition of C&D waste; it may vary per country, per region, per city and even per city quarter. The requirements for the output of the separation system vary also, depending on the available markets for the recycled products. This is why we believe versatility is key. It inspires us to engineer, build and deliver tailor made solutions, that are easy to use, have a low cost of ownership, perform to your specifications and offer an excellent return on investment.

Facts & Figures on C&D Waste

  • 27 EU member states produce > 900 million tonnes annually (2010)
  • The EU target recycling rate for 2020 is 70%.
  • The average recycling rate for EU-27 is 47%.
  • There are large differences in recycling rates between EU member states.
  • On average only 25% is recycled; 75% goes to landfills.
  • Hazardous waste in C&D is not always separated, resulting in landfills.
  • Several EU member states are restricting or completely banning landfills.
  • Taxes imposed on landfill stimulate recycling.