Recycling Equipment for Municipal Solid Waste - Waste and Recycling

Optimizing output in terms of economic value against the lowest possible costs per tonne. This is the short-term goal for every installation that Bollegraaf provides. The long-term goal is to ensure permanently low operatingcosts and achieve an optimal return on investment.

As one of the world’s leading system integrators, we know what it takes to separate municipal solid waste into valuable recyclables on the one hand and high-quality RDF on the other. With the spread of legal limits on landfilling untreated household waste and the active search for alternative energy sources, energy from waste has become an important topic. At Bollegraaf, we build and provide high-end turnkey installations that focus on recovering both valuable recyclables and energy from MSW.

The maximum recovery of recyclables and landfill diversion goals continue to be a serious topic worldwide.

With many recycling program contribution rates plateauing, residential and commercial municipal solid waste (MSW) is becoming the focus for this increased landfill diversion. Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions has the experience and proven ability to design and install high capacity sorting systems that utilize the most advanced automated equipment to recover any recycling commodity found in MSW.

We have the experience to understand the unique features of each market and take into consideration the habits of residents, the climate, and your budget. So whether you want to just recover recyclables and/or make a fuel product from MSW, Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions is the right choice for you!

Advantages of our installations:

  • Achieve maximum diversion from your waste stream
  • Handle a variety of incoming material streams: residential MSW, construction and demolition waste, organics, and commercial waste
  • Integrate with multiple conversion technologies: anaerobic digestion, gasification, and pyrolysis
  • Lower processing and labor costs per ton