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Create high-value RDF with MSW and C&I waste; Optimising the output in terms of economic value and against the lowest possible costs per tonne is the short-term goal for every single system that Bollegraaf provides. The benefits: permanently low operating cost and lowest cost per tonne. The result: fast return on investment.

MSW and C&I wastes are increasingly seen as a resource, driven largely driven by legislation and the increasing scarcity of some materials. Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) is a result of processing MSW and C&I waste by separating the combustible fraction from the non-combustibles, such as metals and glass. RDF has a higher calorific value than untreated MSW and C&I, which makes it valuable as a fuel, for instance for cement kilns and power plants.

Versatility and profitability
With most MSW and Commercial and Industrial waste, input may vary. Reliable systems need to be able to handle various input streams with control of the calorific value and size of the RDF output as well as separating the valuable commodities, such as plastics from the waste stream. Differences in physical properties, such as size and shape of different objects, density, weight, et cetera allows ferrous and non-ferrous, plastics, glass, stones, and fines to be effectively separated from the MSW or C&I stream. These valuables are then fit for reuse. This is the very reason why Bollegraaf provides customer-specific solutions, which enable you to be versatile, therefore optimising profitability.

Performance is key
Bollegraaf’s waste processing systems have an excellent track record of low down-time. They also give you full control of the calorific value and size of the RDF output. This means that you can provide your customers with on-spec RDF. It makes us partner of choice for major waste processing companies worldwide. We have been engineering, building and implementing sorting systems worldwide for more than 50 years. Turn-key. With excellent Returns on Investment. Paper, plastics, household waste, C&D, MSW, C&I, Single Stream and Commingled. You name it, we’ve built it. Including 35 of North America’s 50 Mega systems. Together they process more tonnes per day than all other suppliers combined.