Recycling Solutions for the chemical and petrochemical industries - Chemical & Pharmaceuticals

ANDRITZ gives you access to a comprehensive range of technologies for solid/liquid separation, drying, and automation solutions for chemical processing applications. The systems are specifically designed to achieve product purity and plant safety in the most demanding applications. The chemical and petrochemical industries require durable, safe, and efficient technology solutions which place unique demands on suppliers. Whether the application is for chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, coating pigments, or plant waste streams, ANDRITZ has products and solutions to improve production, efficiency, end product quality, and plant safety.

ANDRITZ provides solid/liquid separation and drying solutions which deliver efficient operation and high purity of output. The customers’ process requirements and specific chemical characteristics drive the selection process of ANDRITZ technologies. That is why we offer a wide range of solid/liquid separation equipment so you can be assured of the optimum choice for your needs – vacuum filters, drum filters, presses, decanters, centrifuges, purifiers, concentrators, and drying/cooling systems. ANDRITZ has the ability to test options in its own pilot facility to help the customer develop and tailor the right solution.

Once installed, ANDRITZ equipment comes with the support of a strong global service network for the chemical processing industry.

In the automation area, we offer a range of products and services to help run the operations quickly, safely, accurately, and ahead of the curve. ANDRITZ automation solutions include electrical, controls, and instrumentation systems. If a project is a greenfield plant, we design the control system and test it against a dynamic simulation so processes will start up error-free. If a project is an upgrade or optimization, we will provide customized engineering, simulation, control, and training solutions.

ANDRITZ solutions are being applied in oil and gas refineries, batch chemical processing plants, PVC production facilities, specialty chemical plants, and the plastics industries. Our global experience means that we can provide solutions quickly and efficiently. We bring our services and products right to your site, whether it is in an urban industrial complex or a remote plant far from an urban infrastructure.

PVC, HDPE, BPA, paraxylene, therephthalic acid, adipic acid, ABS, isopropanol, POM, other petrochemicals

Antibiotics, vitamins, intermediates, other pharmaceuticals

TiO2 pigments and dyes
Titanium dioxide, silicium dioxide, pigments and dyes, others

Mineral oil
Purification, concentration, clarification

Refinery sludge
Tank cleaning, slop oil, drilling mud, others

Other chemicals
Agrochemicals, soda ash, ammonium sulphate, ammonium chloride, citric acid, other chemicals