Recycling Systems for the municipal solid waste processing sector

MACPRESSE products revolutionized the way the solid waste is transferred and processed.Used in different environments, our machines innovate and optimize the traditional process of waste disposal. In fact, different materials such as municpal solid waste is treated and compacted before transferring them from the transfer stations to landfill sites. This way, there’s no risk of land contamination and bad-smelling liquid formation – attracting vermin –when waste is not pre-treated ,collected in transfer stations and delivered to landfill sites.


MACPRESSE offerscustom-made solutionsto treat, compact and bale different kinds of waste, extending the life cycle of landfill with new inovations in the process of material disposal, recovery and recycling.

Thanks to the waste compacting and baling process of our balers it is possible to solve the transport problem, avoiding the need for “special” modes of transport due to the waste size and consistency. The Macpresse creates a waste bale size that has been optimized to allow for the use of normal means of transport, both by land (trucks and trains) and sea, while maximizing the weight, greatly reducting transportation costs. This change is possible by compacting the waste in rectangular bales, wrapped in resistant films that isolate the material. No soiling of loading floors and roads.

The bale size is designed for optimal loading of standard methods of transport and containers.

In fact waste bales are easily transportable and can be collected in an organized way in both transfer stations (fitted increasingly more often with balers and baling machines) and landfill sites.