Macpresse Europa S.R.L

Recycling Systems for the paper industry - Pulp & Paper

MACPRESSE produces special machines for the paper industry, automatic presses with an hourly output of between 3 and 60 tons per hour as well as other ancillary equipment.


Paper Mills

  • Pulp feeding conveyor belts
  • Automatic presses for pulper sludge and de-watering: MAC 108/1, MAC 110/1 e MAC 111/1.

Box Plants

  • Pneumatic transport systems
  • Automatic presses for baling waste and trimmings MAC 102, MAC 105, MAC 106, MAC 108/1, MAC 110/1
  • L and P series conveyor belts
  • shredders for waste paper

Printing Plants and Binderies

  • Production waste baling presses: MAC 102, MAC 105, MAC 108/1, MAC 110/1
  • Pneumatic transport systems