Reliable Shredding Technology for Hospital Waste - Waste and Recycling

Our hazardous waste shredders are perfectly suited for the chemically aggressive material in your hospital waste. After the shredding process, the material can be optimally utilised thermally or disposed of together with municipal solid waste once it has been sterilised. The shredding is so effective that the granulate does not give any indications of the source material. Hospital waste consists of very different types of waste and requires special treatment during disposal due to the presence of infectious and highly contaminated materials. Depending on the waste type or classification, the hospital itself might need to specially treat the waste or store it in dedicated plastic containers or drums on-site.

Our hazardous waste shredders have been tested and proven multiple times for shredding medical waste or tough materials like oil filters. Our customers particularly value the high operating reliability, low emissions and easy maintenance. The shredded material can, thanks to subsequent sterilisation, be used either as a substitute fuel or disposed of together with municipal solid waste.

When it comes to hazardous waste shredding you can profit from our experience. More than 100 customers trust in our hazardous waste shredders worldwide.