RemBind - Adsorbent for Remediation Solution - Soil and Groundwater - Site Remediation

AquaGate+RemBind is a composite particle consisting of an aggregate core coated with the reactive commercial adsorbent RemBind. This unique product facilitates the uniform delivery of powdered RemBind, for the in-situpassive removal of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in groundwater or surface drainage systems.

The AquaGate+RemBind product design combines two proven world-class technologies:

  • RemBind is a powdered adsorbent that permanently binds up long- and short-chain PFASs in soil and water. It has been independently validated by government and industry and used commercially worldwide over the past decade.
  • AquaBlok (USA) has spent the last decade demonstrating the effectiveness of using powder coated aggregates to treat organic contaminants using permeable reactive barriers (PRBs).

  • Cost effective - passive process
  • Uniform placement of reactive powders
  • Easy to apply with conventional equipment
  • Can be manufactured at site
  • Combines proven technologies

  • In-situ groundwater treatment
  • Surface water drains
  • Lake and river sediments
  • Emergency spill response
  • Soil stockpile leachate management