Perillon Software Inc.

Remediation data management

In most companies today, managers are overwhelmed with poorly organized, de-centralized data and are still making decisions by reacting to historical results driven by non-standardized processes and guessing about the future. Highly customized spreadsheets, manual extracts from hard to use ERP systems, “cut & paste” reporting…sound familiar?

Now there is a better way.  Technology continues to advance and has changed dramatically in the past several years.  Outdated  classical software is unnecessarily complex, too expensive and slow to implement, and is just plan  clunky to use! A major shift to modern technology is underway.  You can now connect your entire enterprise efficiently and capture more data in real  time—better, faster, cheaper.

Ease of use is the key to viral adoption by thousands of users across the enterprise.  New Mobility technology makes it easy to capture more inputs from more employees, affordably.  We marry our years of domain expertise in sustainability and EHS&Q with effective data processing, mobility and visualization technology to provide quick relevant answers. 

Our solutions are comprehensive and highly configurable without expensive, unnecessary services.  You can be up and running in days or weeks, not months or years!