Calgon Carbon Corporation

Removal of impurities for food and beverage industry - Food and Beverage

As a world leader in purification, separation, and concentration technologies, Calgon Carbon offers one of the largest selections of products and services in the food and beverage industry. By removing impurities such as color and odor from food liquids, syrups (e.g. sucrose, dextrose, glucose), organic acids, amino acids, vitamins, beverage alcohols, and glycerin, our products are vital to the production of high-quality, stable products.

Activated Carbon

Sweetener manufacturers are major purchasers of our activated carbon products. Calgon Carbon's specialty acid-washed CPGTM brand products are used in the purification of dextrose and high-fructose corn syrup. CaneCal is also sold for use in the purification of cane sugar. Our activated carbon is also used in other food processing applications such as the de-colorization and purification of many different foods and beverages, as well as in the purification of water, liquids and gases prior to brewing and bottling.

Ion Exchange Technologies

Calgon Carbon's continuous ion exchange systems are used in many food applications for separating, recovering, purifying and synthesizing a host of materials. Our ion exchange brands include ISEP, CSEP, and RSEP. These products are well-known, proven performers in the production of lysine and vitamin E as well as in the purification of dextrose and high-fructose corn sugar. With over 350 installations in more than 40 applications, our ion exchange systems continue to exemplify Calgon Carbon's expertise in solving complex processing problems economically and efficiently.