Return sludge flow measurement for wastewater treatment plant - Water and Wastewater - Sludge Management

Application: Pipe with 0.7 m diameter, made of stainless steel. Full filled. Point of installation in telescopic pipe.

  • Detection of sludge volumes to monitor and to control even sludge discharge from the secondary clarification tanks
  • The only possible access to the volume flow is the vertically retractable telescopic pipe
  • Maintenance-free operation and a measurement uncertainty of less than 5% shall be guaranteed
  • Implementation without major reconstruction measures

  • The flow measurement system Type NFP for full pipes has been used.
  • The fully submersible sensor Type POA has been installed in the top section of the telescopic pipe.
  • Flow profile detection enables accurate flow measurement. Dry solid contents higher than 1% do not affect the measurement.

  • Easy and cost-effective upgrading
  • High reliability and reproducibility
  • Insensitive to pollution
  • Maintenance-free