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Roadside monitoring

Traffic, especially in urban locations, is one of the greatest contributors to air pollution. Traffic produces a variety of different pollutants that include particulates, NO2, NO, CO, hydrocarbons and in some cases SO2. The monitoring of roadside pollution can be challenging as often it is difficult to find suitable locations for large air quality monitoring systems and many sites that are available can be too far away to be representative of roadside air pollution.

Roadside pollution concentrations can change quickly as types and volume of traffic changes and so instrumentation used must be able to cope with these rapidly changing conditions.

Ecotech has established a wide variety of roadside monitoring stations incorporated both into large walk-in style shelters to compact monitoring shelters. Our solutions can be tailored to your needs.

Ecotech's compact solution uses a compact monitoring shelter fitted out with a variety of analyzers and particulate monitors. These analyzers offer fast response, minimal maintenance and are widely used for roadside monitoring.


Ecotech's solution has the following features:

  1. Instruments can be operated from 12VDC making it safer for technicians to service these instruments.
  2. Systems are compact and easily relocated
  3. Systems use USEPA approved analyzers
  4. Analyzers respond rapidly to changes in pollution concentration
  5. Remote control, calibration and monitoring can be easily performed using Ecotech's Wincollect software.