Robust and Simple Solution for Monitoring Fugitive Emissions - Oil, Gas & Refineries

Upstream and downstream activities in the industry require a variety of gas analysis capabilities that are well served by MIRICO’s laser-based technology. Our unique Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy technique is a versatile technology that can be deployed in an open-path configuration for the measurement of methane for health & safety monitoring.  When combined with an array of reflectors, a single light source can cover a complex route in excess of 1 km, a considerably larger distance than comparable Tuneable Diode Laser products.

The same technology can be used to monitor methane emissions from large area sources; including refineries, gas storage facilities, etc.  A change of wavelength, and the system can be adapted to measure a variety of other critical hazardous and flammable gases  such as hydrogen sulphide, resulting from so-called “sour gas”.  In addition to the toxic nature of hydrogen sulphide, it also has an adverse effect on infrastructure such as distribution piping.

Mud Gas Isotope Logging

Our Laser Isotope Ratiometer is at the heart of a mud gas isotope logging solution, designed to optimise the identification and recovery of product in-the-field, as a convenient and cost effective alternative to grab sampling and subsequent laboratory analysis.

The Dispersion Spectrometer Range

MIRICO’S advanced Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy approach is applied within our LDS 100 range for both open path and in-situ measurements. The technique offers high sensitivity and resilience in demanding environments such as snow, rain, dust storms and high fog, maintaining its accuracy precision and speed for the ultimate in measurement capability.

  • Maintains precision and accuracy in snow, fog, soot, dust storms
  • Path lengths of over 1 Km, capable of large area analysis
  • Rotating beam for multiple area coverage
  • Modular platform adaptable to a multitude of gas species

Or robust high performance products deliver quality results in the most demanding environments. Sector applications include;

  • Fugitive emissions, rapid localisation and quantification

  • Fence-line monitoring for reporting and validating emission levels

  • Air quality analysis for staff safety and environmental reporting

  • Health and safety for toxic and flammable gas analysis

  • Mud Gas Isotope Logging