XiO, Inc.

SCADA Software for Agriculture & Irrigation - Agriculture - Irrigation

Growers require reliable, expandable, straightforward SCADA to automate & control their water systems so they can focus on their crops.

How our cloud-based control systems take care of your operations:

Easily Stay in Compliance
XiO makes creating compliance reports easy and accessible with the touch of a button

  • Aquifer Level
  • Total Volume Pumped
  • Energy Usage
  • Pump Cycles & Runtimes

Reduce Utilities & Labor Costs

  • Choose the best pump for the demand based on efficiency.
  • Save water by leveraging data to know where you can make changes
  • Remotely schedule and control your pumps and valves saving you labor and travel costs
  • Monitor your pump performance to stay ahead of maintenance issues

Manage Aquifer Health

  • Monitor the effects of pumping on your aquifer in real-time.
  • New regulations require water users to report well levels & pumping amounts. Historical data & analytics reveal trends in aquifer levels that gauge:
  • Recovery
  • Recharge
  • Capacity