Scrap metal shredding - Waste and Recycling - Metal Recycling

Shredding of metals for volume reduction can simplify material handling, minimize storage space and reduce transportation and disposal costs. SSI has built shredders to process light scrap in a metal recycling yard, or materials generated by a manufacturer, such as aluminum extrusion from a door or window manufacturer. SSI shredders have also been used to prepare metals to feed into high-speed hammermills.

Recycling / Remelting

Metals destined for recycling are often baled or briquetted to facilitate handling and reduce transportation costs. However, once material arrives at the processing facility, processors often wish to shred bales or briquettes to improve furnace feeding and the efficiency of the remelting or delacquering process. Shredding also helps to liberate trapped contamination, upgrading the quality of the metal and its value.

Precious Metal Recovery

Electronic scrap including computer drives, monitors, telephone-switching gear, and circuit boards contain precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum. Recovery facilities have used SSI low-speed shredders to preprocess bulky components to make it easier to liberate metals.

Dual-Shear Shredder

Two-shaft rotary shear technology ideal for drums, pulper 'tail' (commingled baling wire), baled aluminum, cast wheels, copper anodes, radiators and other non-ferrous material.

Quad Shredder

Four-shaft rotary shear technology with integrated screen produces small, uniform sizes to maximize liberation and recovery from commingled scrap, such as electronics, ASR (auto shredder residue), appliances, etc.

PRI-MAX Primary Reducer

High capacity volume reduction of bulky scrap—light-gauge ferrous, large extrusions, baled aluminum, appliances and more. Mobile equipment available!

Uni-Shear Grinder

Single-shaft, rotary grinder with integrated screen produces small, uniform sizes from UBC's (used beverage containers), briquettes, silgan bales, and other non-ferrous. Ideal preparation for delaquering furnace.