ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd

Scrubbing Systems for Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries - Chemical & Pharmaceuticals

ERG`s purpose-designed scrubbing systems are engineered to suit each application and client`s requirements.

From skid-mounted V-tex and packed tower scrubber packages to major, on-site installations comprising quench systems, scrubbers (including V-tex, packed tower and venturi scrubbers), heat exchangers, plume suppression and effluent treatment, ERG can offer a properly engineered and optimised solution for clients in the chemical, fine chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.


Our systems treat process and reactor off gases, storage tank vents, thermal oxidizer flue gases and pressurised steam processes where contamination is from

  • acid gases (HCl, Cl2 , SO2 , HF, HBr),
  • dust and aerosols (100 to <1 micron particle sizes),
  • pharmaceutical 'actives' and
  • VOCs,

and where the operating temperature ranges are from ambient up to 1200oC.


All ERG systems

  • designed and manufactured to ERG's ISO9001 Quality Management System,
  • are CE marked as required to the Pressure Equipment (97/23/EC) and ATEX ( 94/9/EC) Directives, and
  • are designed according to British, European and International Standards.  

Vessels can be supplied in accordance with PD5500, BS4994 or ASME VIII.