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Shredder solutions for the hazardous waste processing sector - Waste and Recycling - Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste processing is a challenging work, it is important the disposal of hazardous waste is both extremely safe and reliable. Shredding machine is one of most vital part in hazardous waste processing. HARDEN manufactures hazardous waste shredders for hazardous waste processing. Such as radioactive waste, steel drums containing hazardous materials or bacterially contaminated medical waste. Our single-shaft shredders are particularly suitable for shredding large volumes of hazardous waste for disposal in hazardous waste incinerators. These machines achieve a granule size of less than 50 mm. There are some industrial hazardous waste shredder cases, our engineers designed for customers as their specific requirements.

Application 1 of Hazardous Waste Processing

With a rotary shear, interlocking chambers, fire control device with CO2 and explosion sensor, etc. Completed system for the pre-treatment of hazardous waste.

Hazardous waste processing

Application 2:

Processing large volume of plastic bottle which contain chemical, the shredder assembling hydraulic ram to assist feeding, running high efficiently, the capacity is up to 3 tons/hr.

Hazardous waste processing


Processing large volume of multiple industrial waste, the shredder system assembling powerful hydraulic ram to assist feeding, high torque and slow speed, running high efficiently, the capacity is up to 10 tons/hr.

Hazardous waste processing

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