Shredders and crushers for refrigerator recycling - Waste and Recycling - Material Recycling

Erdwich reclaims even Pentane and CFCs with 99% purity! Several million scrap refrigerator units are disposed of every year in Germany alone. The proportion of refrigeration units recycled by volume totals about 40% and is the most significant segment after consumer electronics.

One particular challenge in this recycling process is presented by chlorofluorocarbons such as R 11, R 12 or R 141b, which were used for decades as foaming agents for insulation materials. Since these substances damage the Earth’s ozone layer when released, they must be removed and collected securely in a closed-system pre-processing plant.

The fact that pre-processing of legacy refrigeration units always needs to be carried out in accordance with the latest technological standards means that plant operators gain a decisive advantage when working with an innovative and experienced plant manufacturer.

With ERDWICH, you are assured of the latest technologically advanced solutions – even for the most demanding and safety-conscious refrigerator recycling.

The 30 million or more units processed by ERDWICH facilities are the best evidence of our proficiency.

The benefits of an ERDWICH system:

  • Fully automated handling from the moment of placement on the roller conveyor
  • Automated plant control, with concurrent monitoring and documentation of all process parameters
  • Full enclosure of high-noise facility components offers optimum noise abatement
  • ERDWICH technology makes an inert atmosphere redundant for foamed CFC refrigeration plant – but is possible at any time if the input material changes
  • Compact solutions significantly reduce spatial requirements
  • The latest technological solutions are always available ASAP
  • Compliant with new DIN EN 50574 rules

Whether you’re handling small-scale units or complex refrigeration plant, ERDWICH lets you keep your cool in the heat of the moment.