Shredders for Industrial and Urban Waste Treatment - Waste and Recycling

One of the most active field in the last years is that related to the Municipal Solid Waste treatment.

Are defined Municipal Solid Waste:

  • Household waste, bulky waste coming from domestic spaces
  • Waste coming from street cleaning
  • Waste of any kind or origin, which are found on the streets and public areas or on roads, private areas still subject to public use or on sea and lake beaches and on the banks of rivers
  • Vegetables waste coming from green areas such as gardens, parks and cemeteries

The treatment of that kind of waste involves the need to separate the material with greater added value, sending the remaining to the energy plant.

The system proposed by SA Eng foresee a working line suitable for the treatment of small quantity (max 100.000 tons/year) to get a higher quality material to be used in the WTE energy plant (SRF, RDF).