Shredders for Tires and Rubber Treatment - Waste and Recycling

By the activity of tires recycling are obtained rubber granuls and rubber powder. Through the shredding and granulating, the rubber waste is reduced to the appropriate size to allow the re-use.

The machines shown in this page can be included in an installation for the disposal of tires. The installation is completely conceived, designed and manufactured by SA Eng., based on the specific need of the customer.

Typically, the SA Eng system foresee:

  • Shredding of car tires
  • Shredding of truck tires
  • OTR tires

Through the use of:

  • Shredder for the volume reduction
  • Primary Granulator
  • Secondary Granulator
  • Separation of ferrous fraction
  • Separation of textile fraction

Line for 500 Kg/h

  • Rubber granule: 295 Kg/h
  • Metallic fraction: 155 kg/h
  • Textile fraction: 50 kg/h

Line for 1000 Kg/h

  • Rubber granule: 590 kg/h
  • Metallic fraction: 310 kg/h
  • Textile fraction: 100 kg/h

Line for 2500 Kg/h

  • Rubber granule: 1475 kg/h
  • Metallic fraction: 775 kg/h
  • Textile fraction: 250 kg/h