Shredding and crushing systems for electronic waste

For optimal processing of electronic waste, it is especially important to yield secondary raw materials that are as pure as possible. For this purpose Mercodor, with its rugged, compact precision cutters, has exactly the right solution.

Not only from an environmental perspective but also from an economic one, recycling electronic waste is certainly attractive. For example, the rising prices for metals make recycling electrical and electronic waste a commercial proposition. In addition to the secondary raw materials such as various metals, in particular plastics are attractive as they are employed to supplement the other fuels required in incinerators.

Another field of application consists in reliably destroying data such as that on hard disks. In a time when the theft of electronic data is becoming more common, and the deletion of sensitive data on hard drives is becoming more difficult, it is important to dispose of old hard drives so that any use of existing data is made impossible. With our shredding systems, sensitive data of this kind is irretrievably destroyed.