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Shredding and crushing systems for food waste and handling of garbage - Food and Beverage - Food

Organic waste can become a problem anywhere where the disposal of waste occurs over a longer period. This challenge arises for example in the shipping industry. With Mercodor waste food shredders valuable space is saved and food protected from contamination. The processed food leftovers serve as the raw material for biodiesel production or are used for the production of green energy in the form of electricity and heat from biogas plants.

Annex V of the MARPOL Convention refers to ship's waste as the waste generated during normal operation of a vessel; this includes residual waste which is produced in the galleys and seamen's messes.

Due to the limited space on board, waste treatment provides for processes to reduce volume, such as compacting or shredding, and this is where Mercodor shredders come into play.

Another area of application would be biogas plants where energy crops (eg: maize and other cereals, reeds), residues such as crop residues (eg: beet leaves), animal waste (eg: slurry, manure), by-products of food production (eg: fats, food leftovers, peelings) and organic waste (eg: sewage sludge) are used after being comminuted. Again, Mercodor shredders can be employed.