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Shredding of cardboard with Mercodor shredding equipment - Waste and Recycling - Recycling Systems

Regardless of whether you want to shred cardboard, paper rolls, paper bales or waste paper, Mercodor shredders are always the right choice. Mercodor, with its rugged, compact precision cutters has the right solution for each and every task. Mercodor shredding machines for shredding paper and cardboard are used in many ways. Firstly you contribute to reducing the volume of waste, but you also make a major contribution by economically shredding cardboard and paper.

Since the use of energy and water costs in the production of recycled paper is usually lower than in the production of paper from virgin fibres such as wood or cellulose, recycling paper makes an important contribution not only to environmental protection. 

Another field of application is the reliable destruction of confidential data such as files. With such sensitive data, it is especially important to destroy them during disposal so that using the information is no longer possible. With our shredding plants, sensitive data of this kind is irretrievably eliminated.