Shredding systems for a wide variety of solid waste - Waste and Recycling - Recycling Systems

Landfill: Matress Shrdding ImageWe have engineered many solutions for landfill operations. We`ve built shredding systems to reduce material prior to compaction for transfer. We`ve built onsite shredders for use at landfill sites. In each case, shredding greatly improves the efficiency of the transported waste and extends the capacity and life of the landfill.

For municipalities that have organic waste recycling programs, SSI has provided shredders to meet specific needs. Some composting operations require only larger strips, others feed the waste through a series of shredders prior to processing through a high-speed mill. We've built systems for all kinds of composting needs.

Thermal Treatment
Operations that incinerate waste, whether for simple destruction or the burning of alternative fuels for energy, have found SSI shredders to vastly improve the combustion efficiency of the material.