Phoenix Ring Manufaktur UG

Sialex Private Household Application - Water and Wastewater

Our products are installed on many industrial areas and in the private household. We have also experience with fluids other than water, which will receive more attention in the future. In the home “Scaling” and “Corrosion” of water pipes and appliances is not simply an inconvenience it is an expensive problem (replacing pipes and equipment (washing machines, showers, boilers etc.).

Homeowners, eager to address these problems have made use of a wide range of devices and techniques to address these problems including chemical cleaning, Reverse Osmosis / ion exchange units, electrical pulsing devices, filtration systems etc. These techniques require monitoring, replacing parts, adding consumables, maintaining by plumbers etc.

Sialex®Ring, we believe, overcomes the perceived weaknesses of these earlier techniques and offers home owners the “Next step”; a credible, cost effective system (no maintenance, no consumables, no installation costs) to help address “Scaling and Corrosion” issues.

Sialex Ring is tried and tested

Our installed base of German residential customers testifies to the success of our devices. This is further supported by the fact that a well established German house builder, after extensive 'in house' testing, selected our device for inclusion in their sales portfolio and summarised the “key benefits:

  • No maintenance
  • No consumable costs over the life of the device.
  • No plumbing or electrical work required at installation.
  • No salt or chemicals added to the water supply.