Geo Products, L.L.C. - EnviroGrid Cellular Confinement (Geocell)

Slope Erosion Control - Soil & Groundwater - Geotechnical

Problem: Soil particles are susceptible to being detached and carried away with concentrated runoff streams, forming rills and gullies that grow with time. The slope integrity is diminished, eroding the slope face and becoming a larger environmental and safety issue. Slopes steeper than the natural angle of repose for the slope materials require additional protection measures, as are slopes subject to more severe hydraulic stresses.

Solution: EnviroGrid effectively holds slope cover materials in place, thus reducing the potential for erosion. Cell walls check the runoff streams associated with rainfall, keeping the overall system intact. The infill material also rests within individual cells, allowing for much higher angles of repose.

EnviroGrid filled with soil promotes vegetation as both another source of reinforcement and natural aesthetics. Overall effectiveness of the system is increased with the plant roots integrated into the grid system.