Sludge flow measurement in recirculation line for wastewater treatment plant - Water and Wastewater - Sludge Management

Application: Pipe with 0.4 m diameter, made of stainless steel. Full filled. High pollution load, up to 1 % dry solids.

  • Failsafe and stable measurement of the return sludge conveyed using screw pump lifting equipment in the horizontal line downstream of the transfer chamber
  • Both existing measurements (EMF + clamp-on) did not work reliably or did not work at all due to high pollution and gas loads
  • Low installation expenses

  • The flow measurement system Type NFP has been used.
  • Upstream of the non-functioning EMF a hole has been drilled and a nozzle has been welded onto the existing pipeline. Subsequently a ball valve for sensor removal under process conditions has been installed and the sensor has been adjusted and fixed.

  • Easy, simple and quick upgrading of existing facilities
  • Old measuring devices did not necessarily need to be removed
  • Reliable measurement despite high dry solid contents