Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group

Sludge transfer and sludge feed applications - Water and Wastewater - Sludge Management

Bredel hose pumps reduce overall operating costs from reduced downtime and the elimination of ancillary costs when feeding primary or thickened sludge to digesters or dewatering devices like centrifuges & filter presses.

Other applications include belt filter press feed, centrifuge feed, plate and frame press feed, gravity belt thickener feed and discharge, septage, WAS (waste activated sludge) and RAS (returned activated sludge).

With no rotors, stators, lobes, discs, ball checks or seals to wear out, Bredel pumps are able to meet the most demanding sludge applications.

  • Suction lift capability of up to 30 feet
  • Dry running and self-priming
  • Ideal for high viscosity and shear sensitive product
  • No seals, ball-checks, diaphragms, glands, immersed rotors, stators or pistons to leak, clog, corrode or replace
  • Handles abrasive slurries, corrosive acids, gaseous liquids
  • No slippage, allowing true positive displacement for accurate and repeatable metering
  • No ancillary equipment, check valves, sealing water flush systems or run-dry protection required
  • Fully reversible to blow out suction and drain lines safely