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Petrochemical plants, and especially their process water recovery plants, are a major source of air pollution. If odours are a recurring problem, the emission of greenhouse gases may also be particularly important.

In the case of bituminous sands (oil/tar sands), the wastewater tanks are responsible for 33% of the greenhouse gases emissions of the entire process.

The installation of PODZ allows treating these emissions and significantly improving air quality.

In refineries, the waste water processing facilities and also the various storage tanks, are the source of odour and greenhouse gases emissions. It can be costly and even dangerous to cover these elements of the process. The installation of PODZ allows covering and treating with no risk and for a very low cost.

The design of the PODZ facilitates maintenance on this type of installation. The filtering part is not attached to the float so that changing the filters is easy and no specific tools or protection is required for the technicians.