The BioSolve Company

Solutions for the aerobic bioremediation - Water and Wastewater

BioSolve Pinkwater is used to accelerate natural bioremediation of contaminated soil either on site through surface application or on land farms through application to biopiles. When Pinkwater solution is sprayed onto and aggressively mixed into contaminated soil, hydrocarbons come in contact with the strongly “lipophilic” (oil loving) surfactant. Mimicking the process by which bacteria make hydrocarbons digestible, the surfactants “solubilize” contaminates, pulling them into an aqueous phase. This greatly enhances “bioavailability” for naturally occurring hydrocarbon degrader bacteria. Bacteria are able to more rapidly consume the contaminating oil/fuel, thereby dramatically accelerating the biodegradation process.


Under favorable conditions (involving temperature, oxygen, moisture, pH and nutrients), contamination levels in soil can be reduced to acceptable levels in less than 30 days.


  • In situations where the depth of impacted soil is within 18 inches of the soil surface, accelerate natural microbiological processes to remediate contaminated soil. 
  • Reduce remediation time to 30 days or less. 

Advantages of Pinkwater

  • May be employed directly on surface contamination or used on land farms to treat stockpiled material
  • Typical projects require only standard equipment: mixing tanks, hoses, pressure washers, rototillers, etc.
  • Avoids the cost, disruption, risks and carbon footprint of excavation and remote landfilling contaminated soil