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Solutions for the agricultural bentonite industry - Agriculture

Bentonite can be mixed with pesticides and fungicides as a support carrier to fix the product to the leaves. In organic farming, the action of fungi and parasites is inhibited by bentonite – a natural product – thus replacing chemical products. In particular, this process is employed in biodynamic cultivation of wine grapes, where bentonite is mixed with other elements to fight oidium. In liquid and solid fertilizers, it is used as a fixing carrier and to control the release of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. It also contributes to sludge and manure dehydration and agglomeration. It is also used for gardening in soil compounds and mixtures to absorb humidity, as well as in slow-release fertilizers.

low dust natural semisodic bentonite with high absorption power used in potting compost
natural semisodic bentonite used as a support carrier and in potting compost