The BioSolve Company

Solutions for the equipment decontamination

BioSolve Pinkwater is used for cleaning/decontaminating tools and equipment at remediation sites, in refineries, on drilling rigs, following spill cleanup, and in industrial maintenance operations. Generally applied with standard pressure washing equipment.  Most oil and tar build-up can be washed away on contact. For more severe contamination, use of a hot water system may yield better results.



  • Remove oily or greasy residue from equipment and PPE
  • Clean contamination off expensive protective gear
  • For the benefit of workers and the environment, avoids use of harsh chemicals such as hydrocarbon solvents or caustic

Advantages of BioSolve Pinkwater

  • Water-based product: easy to use, gentle on workers and environment
  • Easy to mix and apply,using standard mixing tanks and pressure washers
  • Emulsifies and solubilizes oil and grease on the surface
  • Will leave no oily residue on the cleaned surface