The BioSolve Company

Solutions for the large tank cleaning and degassing - Water and Wastewater

Rapid turnaround is essential when an oil or fuel storage tank is stripped for repair or scheduled maintenance.  This time-sensitive process can be frustrated by the presence of high vapor levels and unpumpable sludge.  Over the past 30 years, BioSolve Pinkwater has proven to be a worker friendly solution to these challenges.

When forcefully applied, the strongly “lipophilic” (oil-loving) surfactants in Pinkwater are able to overwhelm the forces of absorption that attach oil/fuel molecules to tank walls and inorganic sludge.  High pressure spraying of tank walls and internal structures forces oil/fuel into an aqueous emulsion, driving down LEL (Lower Explosive Limits) readings.   Likewise, Pinkwater solution forcefully sprayed/mixed into sludge knocks down vapor levels and converts sludge into a pumpable aqueous solution.

On-site water treatment systems can be used to further reduce project costs. This is done by closed-loop recirculation of Pinkwater solution until saturation is achieved and then by separating/recovering valuable hydrocarbon products.


  • Ensure safe working conditions
  • Eliminate use of hazardous “cutter stocks” (hydrocarbon solvents)
  • Minimize tank down time
  • Minimize waste handling and treatment

Advantages of Pinkwater

  • Reduction of time required to prepare stripped tank for manned entry
  • Increase ease-of-use and worker safety through use of water-based cleaning systems
  • Single system to both reduce vapors to below LEL and remove sludge from tank bottom
  • Particularly effective with lighter, more volatile fuels