The BioSolve Company

Solutions for the small tank cleaning and degassing - Water and Wastewater

BioSolve Pinkwater is a proven tool used in the process of removing and repairing fuel storage tanks of all sizes.  Pinkwater is best known for its unmatched performance suppressing volatile organic vapors that are present when working with fuel tanks (both AST and UST). The product can also be used to assist in loosening and removing tank bottom sludge.  Major US and foreign oil companies as well as small tank removal teams find working with Pinkwater to be safe, simple, effective and worker friendly as compared to alternative approaches to tank cleaning and degassing.


  • Safely and reliably remove residual fuel and reduce LELs before removing or performing maintenance on fuel storage tanks

Advantages of Pinkwater

  • Pinkwater is unsurpassed for suppression of dangerous volatile vapors
  • Proven effective through continuous use for past 30 years
  • No specialized equipment needed other than LEL meter
  • Pinkwater is water-based. No difficult to handle or hazardous materials required
  • Used by major oil producing companies for similar operations on fuel/oil storage tanks as large as 300 ft in diameter