The BioSolve Company

Solutions for the vapor suppression - Soil and Groundwater - Site Remediation

BioSolve Pinkwater is used at major remediation and construction work-sites where excavation of contaminated soils may release noxious organic odors or hazardous VOCs. The dilute solution is sprayed directly onto newly exposed soil surfaces or stockpiles of contaminated material where volatilization is taking place. Used as an alternative to foam, Pinkwater creates a barrier that keeps vapors in the soil, allowing work to continue safely without disruption to workers or neighbors.


  • Protect workers and neighbors from potentially harmful VOC emissions
  • Reduce nuisance odors

Advantages of Pinkwater

  • Works by “locking” VOCs in the soil, no need to maintain a foam “blanket”
  • Can be applied in wet or windy conditions and on vertical surfaces
  • Can be applied during active excavation
  • Only standard equipment is required: mixing tank, hoses, pressure washers