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Solutions for waste water treatment - Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment

Very low-impact treatment for waste water. Our water treatment technology delivers thorough yet environmentally friendly waste water treatment. What`s more, with precisely metered additives and optimised processes, you also save money.

ProMinent waste water treatment solutions reduce environmental impact by achieving very high waste water quality. That means you can focus on production, knowing that the fully automated ProMinent waste water neutralisation system is working in the background to clean the water in line with strict mandatory requirements. Depending on the nature of the waste water, the pH can be controlled and brought to the required level, for example. pH sensors transmit the measured values to a controller. If the value varies from a specified level, a metering pump adds acid or lye to restore the pH to neutral. And of course, metering is very accurate to keep the consumption of expensive chemicals as low as possible.

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