ProMinent GmbH

Solutions for water treatment and water disinfection - Water and Wastewater

We produce everything in house: all our products, systems and services. As well as being convenient, this is also smart. Disinfection solutions tailored to your needs offer excellent effectiveness.

Our disinfection solutions are as specialised as your industry and your requirements, and that's the way we like it. We relish a challenge because it allows us to put our innovative systems and years of engineering experience to good use. Our main aim is to achieve efficient disinfection with the minimal use of chemicals, which is better for the environment, people and the machinery. At the same time it also reduces operating costs.

ProMinent offers the full range of disinfection technologies (chlorine dioxide, ozone, UV light, electrolysis, ECA water and ultrafiltration) and can even combine them. As well as potable water, ProMinent technologies are used to disinfect cooling water, swimming pool water and also process and product water in industrial applications. Because our modern disinfection solutions are always intelligent, we call our water treatment systems Smart Disinfection.

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