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Sound level meters & Noise dosimeters for Entertainment & music industry - Health and Safety - Occupational Health

In the UK from the 6th April 2008 the Control of Noise at Work Regulations apply to the entertainment and music sectors. Applying these new regulations is a challenging task as it requires a significant shift in both attitude and practice across the industry.

The music and entertainment sectors are defined in the Noise Regulations as all workplaces where a) live music is played or b) recorded music is played in a restaurant, bar, public house, discotheque or nightclub, or alongside live music or a live dramatic or dance performance.

Everyone involved in music and entertainment has a responsibility to help with noise management. Primary responsibility for complying with the Noise Regulations rests with the employer (may include concert promoters, event organisers, theatrical producers, contractors and publicans).

Your responsibility for managing noise exposure, depending on whether you are an employer, an employee, freelancer or self-employed, may be to:

  • Take reasonable care for your health and safety and that of others while at work;
  • Use control measures in accordance with any instructions given to you;
  • Make sure the legal limits on noise exposure are not exceeded.