Cirrus Research plc

Sound level meters & Noise dosimeters for Motorsport noise measurement and monitoring industry - Health and Safety - Health and Safety Monitoring and Testing

Our noise measurement instruments are used at high profile circuits and venues around the world, helping owners, operators, teams and officials comply with noise limits and regulations. With a range of noise measurement tools including drive-by test systems with permanently installed and portable monitors for continuous measurement of vehicles, to handheld sound level meters for pre and post race scrutineering, we can help you monitor and control your noise levels on track, in the pits and in the surrounding environment.

We can also help you measure the noise exposure of your employees to make sure that they are not at risk from hearing damage.

Cirrus has supplied noise measurement instruments to a wide range of customers in a number of different arenas of motorsport including:

  • MSA, FIM & FIA Scrutineers
  • Clubs & Associations
  • Manufacturers & Designers
  • Series Organisers & Bodies
  • Circuit Operators & Owners
  • Race Teams 
  • Corporate Motorsport Venues