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Sound level meters & Noise dosimeters for Noise at work industry - Health and Safety - Occupational Health

Occupational noise is one of the most overlooked risks in the workplace. Ignoring this hazard can result in fines or prosecution from the Health & Safety Executive. You are also open to action from Personal Injury Lawyers seeking compensation for Industrial Deafness Claims. Why? Exposure to excessive noise levels can cause noise-induced hearing loss or tinnitus. Hearing damage is irreversible, so it is vital to ensure you are protecting your employees and your business.

How to Protect Your Business

You must carry out regular Noise Risk Assessments and take action to reduce excessive noise exposure.

Cirrus Research is here to help you every step of the way, from choosing the right sound level meter or noise dosimeter to providing ongoing UK training and support. All of our noise measurement equipment complies with the Noise At Work Regulations, ensuring you are taking accurate measurements.