Limpet Technology

Staged Entertainment Applications - Health and Safety - Workplace Safety

The Limpet® E5 system is becoming a benchmark standard in the staged entertainment industry. Providing easier and safer access to high areas for professional riggers, lighting crew and even cast members, it has been taken up by major staging companies such as Upstaging,  Tait Towers,  Neg Earth  and SolotechWith integrated personnel lifting, climb assist, fall prevention, rescue and up to 130 metres (427 feet) of Dyneema® safety line, Limpet® can literally access all areas. It has become  the go-to safety, access and rescue system for major tours including Queen, Paul McCartney, Linkin Park, U2 and Take That.

Spot- Light   Chair    Access    System

The Limpet® has rapidly found a place in the line up of touring shows as the fastest and safest way of getting the operators of follow spotlights up to and down from their chairs. With dual control provided through a cabled controller as well  as a wireless RF remote control, the system provides rigging professionals with maximum flexibility and ease of use

The Limpet Uplift is an amazing system.  We will implement them along with the fall arrest systems already in place to provide the utmost protection for our technicians.  We believe the Uplift fall prevention system will be the standard for working at height in our industry. We are pleased to lead the way!'

Truss     Climbing    Safety   SYSTEM

Limpet® was first introduced to entertainment on the Jesus Christ Superstar 2012 tour where its unique combination of Climb Assist and Fall Prevention played an  important role during the show...