Zhejiang Grace Envirotech

Zhejiang Grace Envirotech

Still Mill Furnace Dust Filtration - Air and Climate - Air Pollution Treatment

Steel Plant Blast Furnace Filter Nomex Filter Bags ,Aramind Needle Felt  Aramid Filter Bag.


nomex filter bag
1.100% Meta-aramid /nomex fiber
2.high tensile strength

Nomex filter bag for higher temperature dust filtration ,widely applied in Asphalt mixing plant ,Kiln smoke in cement plant ,steel plant blast furnace smoke and so on .

NOMEX filters offer one of the best total economies in a filtrationsystem because of higher air to cloth ratios, higher temperaturecapability, and a long wear life.


Nomex filter bags are made of 100% Meta-aramid /nomex fiber ,it is the best choice for asphalt plant dust collector , which are of metamax filter bags, aramid filter bags or baghouse filter bags.

Being Metamax filter bags, nomex filter bags are widely used in asphalt industry, cement industry, chemical industry,Iron and steel industry, themal power industry , Aluminum industry , etc.


Nomex filter bags features  excellent  anti-anrasion, good anti-acid and good  anti-alkali , and anti-high temperature


1.With high tensile strength and low tensile elongation
2.Applied in continuous temperature 204℃ , works well .
3.As nomex filter bags, it is largely used in asphalt plants.
4.With good air permeability and also can be adjusted by customers' specific request
5.Being baghouse filter bags, they are installed in baghouse and with high-efficiency filtration .


1.Material :with100% Meta-nomex fiber
2.Scrim:  with meta-aramid /nomex staple yarn
3. Finish treatment with singeing, calendering and heat setting.
4.Air permeability (l/m2/s):   150~300
5.Temperature (℃): Continue: 204, Instant: 240