Stormwater Treatment solutions for discharge control of stormwater overflow tank sector - Water and Wastewater - Stormwater

Application: Pipe diameter 0.3 m, made of galvanised steel. Part filled. Low filling levels during night times.

  • Continuous measurement and flow rate control on a stormwater overflow tank.
  • Detection of low nightly discharges.
  • Not more than one additional unit can be installed due to few space available in the switching cabinet.

  • A flow measurement using the Doppler method Type OCM FR with tube-shaped flow velocity sensor has been used.
  • In order to measure even lowest levels a Type i-Series 2-wire ultrasonic sensor  from the pipe top down has been selected.

  • No need to install an additional controller in the switching cabinet due to transmitter-integrated 3-step controller with surge detection.
  • The sensor placement allows flow measurement from zero to maximum.