Stormwater Treatment solutions for discharge measurement in confined spaces sector - Water and Wastewater

Application: Stormwater overflow tank with cover. Maximum overflow head 0.35 m. Very low distance between weir crest and ceiling (0.50 m).

  • Detection of impoundage (beginning and end)
  • Output of tank overflow  (beginning, end and overflow volume)
  • Reliable non-contact measuring at lowest distance between ceiling and maximum water level

  • An ultrasonic measurement transmitter Type NivuMaster LF-5:2 has been installed. Thanks to comprehensive programming options and numerous outputs it is possible to calculate and to output the parameters 'Tank Impoundage“, 'Tank Overflow“ and the overflow volume (as requested by German DWA organisation) by using only one unit.
  • Using an innovative tilted mirror allows to install the ultrasonic sensor close to the maximum water surface level.

  • Saves time and costs since only one device is required