Stormwater Treatment solutions for discharge measurement sector - Water and Wastewater

Application: Rectangular channel, 6 m width. Part filled. Simultaneous overflow from several chambers into one common channel. Short calming section upstream of measuring point.

  • Detection of overflow volumes to recipient
  • Readings shall be transmitted to control system via analog and digital outputs
  • High accuracy at varying overflow volumes per chamber

  • Providing highest measuring dynamics and accuracy, a cross-correlation-based system Type NivuFlow 750 M3 has been used. By using 3 flow velocity sensors simultaneously it is possible to detect and to consider existing asymmetric flow conditions.
  • The sensors have been installed on the channel bottom. Protective metal sheets prevent the sensors from being damaged.

  • Low installation costs
  • Complies with requested accuracies by utilising 3 velocity sensors
  • Maintenance-free