PennWell Corporation

Strategic market research solutions for public safety industry - Health and Safety

Lives are saved everyday with the critical information and training provided by PennWell’s Public Safety Group. Leading the public safety market with publications, Web sites, conferences and custom publishing, PennWell Public Safety is based in San Diego and serves professionals in fire-rescue, EMS, law enforcement and communications.

There are over 826,000 practitioners in emergency medical services, and the JEMS family of products meets their needs with news, clinical articles, industry surveys, product reviews and more via publications, conferences and online resources.

Fire chiefs, company officers, firefighters and other fire personnel total over one million in the United States. The FireRescue family of products provides “read it today, use it tomorrow” content to give them the education they need, when they need it.

Law Enforcement
Over 883,000 law enforcement officers enforce the federal, state and local laws in the United States. The Law Officer family of products provides exceptional education to these professionals, with an emphasis on the tactics, technology and training they need to stay safe on the job.