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Structured packings for gas treatment and exhaust air cleaning - Air and Climate - Air Pollution Treatment

Use in gas scrubbers and bioscrubbers. We develop and produce structured packings that can be used in chemical/physical processes (gas scrubbers) and biological processes (bioscrubbers).

What all scrubber processes have in common is that the gas flow to be cleaned is usually guided in counterflow or cross-flow over the structured packings. A suitable absorbent is evenly distributed from above onto the packings. Due to the very large specific surface area of the packings, the gas flow is in intensive contact with the absorbent. The component to be purified passes from the gas phase into the liquid phase and is then dissolved and absorbed.

Chemical processes in gas treatment and exhaust air cleaning

In chemical processes, the substance to be neutralized is first physically dissolved in the aqueous phase and then neutralized in a chemical reaction.

Biological processes in gas treatment and exhaust air cleaning

In the biological process, the substance in the gas flow is likewise only dissolved in the aqueous phase; but then absorbed and metabolized by the bacteria. The substances to be cleaned serve as nutrients for the bacteria.